UK Premiere: Bye Bye Blondie (2012)

01 September 2012

UK Premiere

Dir. Virginie Despentes / FR BE CH 2012 / 97 mins / French with English subtitles / Cert 15
Starring: Emmanuelle Béart, Béatrice Dalle, Soko, Clara Ponsot, Pascal Greggor

Director and author Virginie Despentes burst onto the scene with the controversial Rape Me (Baise-moi) and has since become a tour de force in the French hardcore feminist movement with her publication King Kong Theory, Despentes’ own candid account of how she became notorious. She tones things down in this film, the tale of two lovers who look to rekindle their romance despite a tumultuous past as Sex Pistol-worshipping punk rockers.

A tender-hearted tale of punked out lesbian love, starring Emmanuelle Béart and Béatrice Dalle, Bye Bye Blondie is a cinematically freewheeling and emotionally sincere portrayal of a star-crossed couple struggling to make it together for a second time.

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