The Colour of Nonesense \ Forkbeard Fantasy (2010)

The Colour of Nonsense is a comedy thriller which takes you on a journey through the shifting borderlands between sense and nonsense, burrowing into the puzzle of why we see the way we see.

It tells the tale of a priceless piece of art and the mayhem which follows its theft. Things weren’t going very well at the studios of Splash, Line & Scuro, cutting edge conceptualists, until out of the blue comes a million pound job. A commission for the very first, completely genuine piece of invisible artwork.

Forkbeard are famed for their innovative mix of visual trickery, film and outlandish storylines and they certainly lived up to expectations when they kicked off AND festival 2010.

“Mesmerising magic” – The Independent

Event info:

  • Mon 15th — Tue 16th Mar 2010
  • Lancaster