Dark Fibre / Dir Jamie King (2009)


Directed by Jamie King (Steal This Film) with Co-Director, Peter Mann, Dark Fibre is a gripping and provocative feature film mixing scripted fiction and documentary and featuring a performance by Peter Wintonick (director of Manufacturing Consent) and a cameo by Noam Chomsky.

Synopsis: The West is in decline; the East is rising. A mysterious private military contractor (Wintonick, played by documentarist Peter Wintonick) rides into India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore, with a mission to take control of the city’s dreams – to master the desires of the burgeoning slums that his bosses believe will soon determine the world’s future.

To do this Wintonick is tasked with joining together they city’s gonzo cable networks, which reach right down into the intricate heart of the old city, ministered by “cable wallahs” who preside over micro-TV-empires in each of the city’s districts.

Rama (Raghav Bhotika) is a young cable wallah who moonlights by night as a locally outsourced programmer, doing homework for rich, idle students and incompetent corporates. Needing decent Net access, Rama makes his way at night to a “tech park”, one of the many walled enclaves that have sprouted up in the city to house its massive outsourcing firms.

After one of Rama’s unofficial clients points out that the park Rama’s visiting may host some dangerous operators, the cable wallah is pursued for a mysterious piece of ‘information” he’s supposed to have. Increasingly aware that what he has relates to the series of vicious, coordinated attacks on young women throughout the city, Rama is forced to undertake a journey of discovery that puts him face to face with Winton and his plans for the future of India.

Commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices


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