Designed Disorder/ Group Show (2010)

Design Disorder explored the rise in “speculative design” practise. Starting as a work of fiction, this demonstrated how design could be orientated towards a possible future; a community of users yet to exist.  The works that featured  revealed the ethical and behavioural implications of a future defined by engineering and science from the recycling of urine into whisky to the simulation of phantom limbs, Designed Disorder radically inquired into how we behave, mass consume, self medicate and travel, making the design of human experience an altogether uncomfortable encounter.

Featuring Thomas Thwaites, Nelly Ben Hayoun, James Gilpin, James Auger & Jimmy Loizeau, Bjorn Franke, Revital Cohen, Hiromi Ozaki,  Gerard Ralló.

With support from Manchester Science Festival, which ran from 23 – 31 October 2010.

Accompanying events Tactical Biodesign with Anthony Dunne (RCA) and Bespoke Whisky Trials.



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