Gleaners: Archive Remix & Live Soundtracks (2010)

In 2010 Abandon Normal Devices partnered with the North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University to present a new residency, Gleaners.

Two filmmakers, Jenna Collins and Sam Meech were given the opportunity to spend a month each within the archive, exploring the collection and creating a new work. Both filmmakers were then matched with cutting edge North West musicians to create a new live soundtrack.

Reconstructing stories and performances, places and props from the amateur fiction fiction film within the archive, Jenna Collins created a new film that focused on accent, atmosphere and what might be just over the North West horizon. In equal parts hypnotic and disruptive, the film featured a live performance of new work by composer and multi-instrumentalist Seaming To, known by many for her collaborations with Graham Massey and Homelife (Ninja Tune), and The Cinematic Orchestra.

Noah’s Ark – Trailer from Sam Meech on Vimeo.
Using dozens of archive clips, Liverpool’s prince of videosmithery, Sam Meech, developed a classic narrative based on the story of Noahs’ Ark, with a dream-inflected twist. This epic journey to the promised land was narrated live by poet Nathan Jones of the Mercy collective with a score by Carl Brown of Wave Machines (Neapolitan), a well regarded creative partnership that was described as ‘strident, dramatic and compelling’ by The Londonist.

Gleaners went on tour in the Autumn 2010 visiting venues including the King’s Arms in Salford, the Co-operative Art Space in Merseyside, The New Continental in Preston, Lanternhouse Cumbria and the London Short Film Festival.

Commissioned by AND Festival, Gleaners was a filmmaker-in-residence scheme at the North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University, curated by Kate Taylor.┬áThis project was enabled by Northwest Vision and Media and the UK Film Council’s Digital Film Archive Fund supported by the National Lottery.