Canal & River Residency / Kathy Hinde & Matthew Olden (2011)

A residency programme has been a key part of Abandon Normal Devices since it was founded in 2009, providing artists with a test bed for new work as well as giving them the opportunity to collaborate with organisations such as the Forestry Commission and DaDa (Disability and Deaf Arts).

In 2011 AND initiated a residency with the Canal & River Trust that provided artists with a period of time on the waterways in which to research and create new work.

In August and September 2011 Kathy Hinde and Matthew Olden climbed aboard their floating audiovisual research vehicle (read: canal boat) and headed off on a grand exploration of the Northwest’s waterways.

Embracing new and old technology, the artists constructed a water wheel to gauge their speed and used GPS technology to track their progress. This journey data was fed into a praxinoscope and a digital music sequencer, an audio-visual ‘machine’ that sparked to life as the boat began to move.

While resident on the canals, Kathy and Matthew made stops to give workshops, play compositions and invite people to make their own musical maps. Their residency-cum-adventure ended with an event at Albert Dock in Liverpool on Sunday 02 Oct 2011, when the public were invited aboard the boat for a series of audiovisual performances.

This residency was developed in partnership with The Canal & River Trust and Rochdale Canal Festival.

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