OPTIC Presents: Mockbuster Double Bill (2012)

02 September 2012

Mockbusters are cheaper, cheesier, straight-to-rental versions of well-known films. The Da Vinci Treasure, Transmorphers, Alien Vs Hunter, Monster Shark… bargain bins the world over are fit to bursting with these blatant attempts to steal a sliver of mojo from the Hollywood machine.

In association with Optic Films, we presented two of these gaudy treasures with a global twist:

The Man Who Saved the World (AKA Turkish Star wars)
Dir. Çetin İnanç / TR 1982 / 91 mins / Turkish with English subtitles / Cert TBA
Pursued by agents of the Galactic Empire, two men crash onto a desert planet where they meet an old wizard and learn of a superweapon that looks suspiciously like the Death Star.

With scenes stolen straight from George Lucas’ blockbuster space opera and most of the score ‘borrowed’ from the work of John Williams, The Man Who Saved The World or Turkish Star Wars is the pinnacle of underground rip off cinema. A must for Star Wars fans.

Lady Terminator
Dir. H. Tjut Djalil / ID 1989 / 82 mins / Indonesian with English subtitles / Cert TBA
Meaner, trashier, sexier  and more dangerous than the original, Lady Terminator is the unofficial sequel to James Cameron’s 1984 sci-fi Schwarzenegger flick. Instead of a robot from the future we have a evil sorceress queen from the past who has kidnapped a student and heads off on a murderous rampage.

A brilliant, baffling work of cult cinema from Indonesia.