Plan C / Eva & Franco Mattes, Ryan Doyle and others (2010)

“We wanted to share something special from Chernobyl with the rest of the world,” declared artist Eva Mattes. “Kids will love it”. Plan C was a dystopian reminder of the fragility of advanced technological societies. A sculptural merry-go-round created after an undercover research trip to Chernobyl – which was still radioactive at a low level. It was shrouded in confidentiality until it was revealed over the week of AND 2010.


Here are the clues that we revealed in the run up:

Clue 1. The project is a collaboration of a dozen international artists, including Italian provocateurs Eva and Franco Mattes, also known as 0100101110101101.ORG, and Oakland machine artist Ryan Doyle (

Clue 2. Over the summer of 2010, and without any scientific training, the group picked through the irradiated remains of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

Clue 3. Materials were scavenged.

Clue 4. Sources tell us to expect a large-scale interactive installation inspired by Soviet carnival rides.

Plan C, and its ride ‘The Liquidator’ was as imposing as it was inviting.

Co-commissioned by Dispari&Dispari Project


Plan C

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