Prototype: STREAMS (2014-2015)

STREAMS was chosen for further development after creator, Luke Moody of Britdoc and Something Real, was awarded Best in Show at AND’s Film Data Hack.

Judges were impressed by his project’s feasibility, creativity, functionality and most importantly, because it championed access to specialist films.

What is STREAMS?
A search engine for independent film in the UK. The aspiration is for STREAMS to become a stimulus for distributors of independent film, to make sure their film catalogue is available online, on at least one VOD platform.

Why is STREAMS necessary?
New independent films face huge obstacles in digital distribution. Even if the audience is aware of the film, there are so many digital platforms out there that it can be impossible to find it. If independent film is to thrive then great cinema needs to be easy to find online and affordable to watch immediately.

How will it work?
The website will offer users simple functionality to find a film’s digital VOD cross-platform availability. If a film isn’t available, users will be able to submit a vote to ‘liberate’ the film.

‘Liberate’ a film?
Once a target number of votes are met, STREAMS will act a digital liberator, making these films available on VOD and ensuring a majority of profit goes to the producers directly.

When will it be available?
Abandon Normal Devices will be supporting STREAMS as a research and development project over the next six months, for launch as a prototype in early 2015.

Luke Moody is the Film & Distribution Manager for Britdoc, and manages Something Real, a digital curation service for documentaries (@C4BRITDOC @SoRealToday). He first created STREAMS with support from Lloyd Henning & Petter Sutton of Foxdog Studios, over the course of AND’s Film Data Hack weekend.