Drone Networking Event

Day one of Abandon Normal Devices (AND) festival 2015 brought us amongst many other things a ‘Bring Your Own Drone’ Networking Event. Here were heard from the drone research team at Project Deadalus, as well as two other artists. We then piled into a mini bus and travelled to a remote area of the forest to fly drones in the spectacular Grizedale Forest.

The first speaker was Project Deadalus’ Creative Producer, Anna Frew, who spoke about how to work with schools and drones. She described the literal and no so literal pitfalls of teaching children to fly for the first time. Including tips such as, working on grass to soften drone crash landings and ¬†reminding students that cheaper drones don’t have a hover and will just keep flying higher!

Iocose’s Filippo Cuttica introduced us to an imagined future where drones, no longer needing to fight wars need new ways to spend their free time in ‘In Times of Peace’. The project describes the past-times of these¬†‘retired’ drones who take selfies of themselves, and self track their running times around a race track (sadly they never improve).

Jon Flint from Superflux spoke about their project ‘The Drone Aviary’ which culminated in a show at the V&A in 2015. Superflux created five drones that took on imagined jobs in future. This included a surveillance drone and one with adaptable signage. You can find out more about this project in a case study in the Project Deadalus Toolkit.

The latter part of the session took to the skies, with some people trying out flight for the first time Hubsan Nano’s whilst others flew larger higher end drones. Nick Greenall captured some great footage at the event.

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