Drone School

As part of Abandon Normal Devices Festival 2015, we helped 200 of you take to the skies for the first time as pupils at Drone School. Taking place on Saturday 19 – Sunday 20 September people of any age could come and be introduced to flying with Hubsan Nano drones. People taking part ranged from 1 year 11 months to Granddads, everyone got an introduction tailored to their age and skill level in the outdoor grassy area at the bottom of the visitor centre in Grizedale Forest.

The settings were not only grass however, children from Leven Valley Primary had transformed the landscape into imagined drone cities of the future in a workshop the day before. Complete with drone hospitals, nests, landing platforms and warning signs on drone obstacles (like trees) anyone coming to the session was invited to explore with a drone, and to add to the cityscapes. All of the structures were built using wooden sticks and tape, to create triangle shapes and eventually structures, inspired by architect Buckminster Fuller.

If your interested in knowing more about getting started with drones try exploring the Project Deadalus toolkit. Co-created by AND, Marshmallow Lazer Feast and the University of Salford, the toolkit explores the creative potential of drones and provides a beginners, through to experts a guide on using them.