Exhibitions, AND Festival 2012: It’s Cool, I’m Good / Stanya Kahn (2012)

22 June – 16 September 2012

AND was proud to present It’s Cool, I’m Good, the first UK solo exhibition of works by American artist Stanya Kahn.

Characterised by her signature blend of dark comedy, visceral characters and reluctant optimism, Kahn’s exhibition featured a selection of recent drawings and video works. The video works navigated personal trauma, resilience and recovery. Mundane interactions and casual jokes belied a deeper consciousness of environmental concerns and social and political alienation.

Whether made of flesh and blood, plastic or crumpled paper, her characters’ struggle for success (or mere survival) in a profoundly absurd world thrown into relief by an underlying current of self-deprecating and occasionally fragile humour.

Check out the the video trailer below…


Stanya Kahn: ‘It’s Cool I’m Good’ launch

Photographer: Paul Greenwood. Opening of first UK exhibition by USA artist Stanya Kahn. At Cornerhouse galleries 1, 2 & 3 until 16 Sep.