Assembly is a UK based multi disciplinary design and research practice. Formed in South London, and since dispersed across the country, all members are, however, now living in Sheffield. They are interested in the physical (and non physical) environment, the natural landscapes that form and exist, the societal terrain that is shaped and guided by our politics, the land and spaces we inhabit as communities and people and the ones we activate together as a public.

Championing the methods and principles of permaculture, Assembly look at the resources, energy and community (ecological and social) that inhabit spaces and places and work to create tools and activities to challenge our inherited and institutionalised biases for living, working and engaging in the natural world.

Currently Assembly is: Ella Perkins, Owen Hodgkinson, Andrew Thorpe, Ross Bennett, and Hannah Fincham. A group of artists, thinkers, illustrators, a landscape undergraduate, designers, cooks, and more.

Assembly presented WetLab with public works as part of AND Festival 2021