Eternal Engine

Eternal Engine are an artistic queer duo of Jagoda Wójtowicz (she/her) and Martix Navrot (he/him).

Their experimental research combines audio-visual praxis and prototypes of virtuality which explore the performativity of virtual spaces and intermedium anomalies (3D, AI, VR, XR).

Eternal Engine use speculation and queer methodologies in their artistic praixs, to investigate the Future/s of technology and quantum reality. To achieve this they push the boundaries of the Real and the Virtual with seemingly unnoticeable steps – by a millimeter, by an atom, by a pixel.

Inspired by the aesthetics of digital folklore, technological fetishes and nanobots protofantasies, Eternal Engine’s visual language manifests in mediums such as 3D, video, VJ sets, AV, VR, AI as well as real objects or performative lectures.

Each project is a speculative, multidisciplinary tale about the post-real imaginaries. This year they were listed on European Change Makers of 2022 published annually by We Are Europe – Creative Europe project.

They come from Kraków, and currently work and live in Warsaw. Active in the Kraków underground, they have created queer raves and performed in a feminist noise group. Their cooperation is based on a deep friendly relationship.

Eternal Engine are selected fellows for our Unseen Futures Fellowship.