Liz Mputu

Liz Mputu (she/her) is an artist based in Florida and through wifi connection. A ‘multiplatform, multimedia artist and Registered Nurse who engages in work which relates to spiritual inquiry and holistic living as a means of liberation’. Mputu constructs projects using interactive media, video, sculpture and installation. LVLZ Healing Hub is Mputu’s current focus.

Curated by Mputu, Chasing SUNLight with a BLACKLight is a psyop for the counterculture running in parallel to the fellowship with co-direction/facilitation by January Miller (Femmes at LARGE). Miller is a digital content producer who started out making videos for fun. They have now transformed their first love into creating cultural experiences for black people and people of colour through digital media and content. The project questions how we define care as we cultivate community in hybrid spaces and how we celebrate each other throughout that process while embracing a lens that is often demonised or made a monolith.

Mputu is a selected fellow for our Unseen Futures Fellowship.