Rose Butler

Rose Butler’s artwork can take the form of installation, single and multi-screen videos, or large-scale photographs. Her work teeters between different states of being and knowing, and plays with time slippage, repetition and intervention. Her recent works reference and weave political, spatial and fictional histories to create social or political commentary. She works with the narratives that surround and shape us through literature, personal account, journalism and observation made during the process of documentation.

Rose’s research examines the ethics and politics of looking considered through art practice and surveillance. Work in progress stems from observation of the Investigatory Powers Act (Nov 2016), passing through Parliament. Her recent digital short combines footage of the new ‘anti-migrant’ wall at Calais, with readings from Orwell’s 1984. She is currently carrying out research at the Stasi Archive; Berlin to develop new works.

Rose has exhibited widely and her digital shorts are part of international arts screening programmes. She is a board member of Bloc Projects, an artist-researcher and Senior Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University and lives and works in Sheffield.