Sarah Davachi

As a composer and performer of electroacoustic music, Sarah Davachi‘s work is concerned with the close intricacies of intimate aural space, utilizing extended durations and simple harmonic structures that emphasize subtle variations in texture, overtone complexity, psychoacoustic phenomena, and temperament and intonation.  The instrumentation she employs is varied, including electric organ, pipe and reed organ, tape-replay samplers, piano, analog synthesizers, voice, early Western strings and keyboards, and orchestral strings, brass, and woodwinds. 

Albums include Cantus, Descant (2020), Pale Bloom (2019), Gave in Rest (2018), Let Night Come On Bells End The Day (2018). Davachi has toured extensively across the globe and has shared the stage and collaborated with artists such as Grouper, William Basinski, Ariel Kalma, the Bozzini Quartet, the London Contemporary Orchestra, Oren Ambarchi, Donald Buchla, Suzanne Ciani, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, and many more.

Sarah Davachi presented a new audiovisual work, The Grief Interval as part of AND Festival 2021