Scalarama Merseyside

Inspired by the legend of the Scala Cinema, Scalarama arrived on Earth as a summer-long film festival in 2011, assembling a cinema spectrum including film clubs, pop-up screenings, movie punks, cinephiles, artists and anarchivists to pay tribute to both repertory film palaces (with their double bills and all-nighters) and the energy of the new DIY cinema scene. After a year of reflection, Scalarama returns with its 10th anniversary celebration in 2021: SCALARAMA X and a new pledge for a cinema of healing.

Scalarama is produced by Monika Rodriguez and Michael Pierce from Cinema Nation, a Community Interest Company based in Merseyside that encourages and supports the development of cinemas, especially within community settings. They are proud recipients of the Roebuck Cup, awarded each year by Cinema For All at the Film Society of the Year Awards to individuals and organisations who have contributed to the development of the community cinema movement.

They created the Spirit of Liverpool, a screen heritage programmes for communities, highlighting issues of erasure, collective memory and decolonial approaches to the archive, which include Home Video Day encouraging digitalisation of analogue materials and online reading collectives.