AND Hack#1 – Datasets

Fri 20 Jun 2014

For your hacking pleasure, datasets to inspire you.

#filmdatahack has some great data for you to play about with. Cinephiles big and small are generously sharing their figures and statistics, passing the baton to you – the hackers. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on some statistics from a slice of the cinema industry. Below is a list of custom data for this hack, list of open data sets and API’s to fire your imagination during the hackathon.

N.B: We also welcome data-sets from organisations, businesses or projects you maybe working with and would like to share.

Private Data


Cornerhouse is Manchester’s international centre for contemporary visual arts and independent film, and the venue for the hackathon.

Fields include: Film ID number, Title, Alternative Title, Year, Certificate, Director, Language, Duration, Country of Origin, Actors.

Fields include: Film ID number, Cinema Screen, Date & Time of Screening, Accessibility Info
Accessibility key: C = Captioned Subtitled Screening, A = Audio Described, B = BSL Interpreted, S = English Subtitled Screening, D = Dubbed English Language)

*Technical experts Foxdog have enhanced Cornerhouse’s data.

Documentation for this data and the code that links the original Cornerhouse dataset with themoviedb API is on github

Picturehouse at FACT

Picturehouse at FACT, based in Liverpool, shows the best in independent and mainstream film.

Fields include: Type, Title, Certificate, Distributor, Director, Duration, Release date


Sight & Sound is a British monthly film magazine published by the British Film Institute (BFI). Every decade, Sight & Sound asks an international group of film professionals to vote for their greatest film of all time. Here are the results as a a MySQL export.

Fields include: sas_voter(the voter details), sas_film (film details – title, year, director(s) and production countries), sas_votes (the votes, just a mapping between the two tables above.)


Scalarama is an annual Celebration of Cinema, taking the form of a season of films, each one chosen by a different organisation or individual, in a variety of different venues.

Field include: Title, Exhibitor, Date, Start time, End time, Region, Venue, Ticket price, Website, Genre, Category

Fields include: Organisation, Organisation information, Type, Website, FaceBook, Twitter, Organisation start year

British Federation of Film Societies

The British Federation of Film Societies (BFFS) is the national organisation for the development, support and representation of film societies and community cinemas throughout the UK. The survey aims to provide detailed information about the current make up and operation of film societies and community cinemas.

Screening Film

Screening Film is a free tool for audiences and exhibitors to find and promote film events. It aims to provide audiences with an overview of the diverse film-making and screening culture that exists in their area, and give profile and promotion to all forms of independent film-exhibition, from grass roots events to established cinemas.

Event data is available as JSON, to get the first event data would be:



Open Data sets

Recent Journals

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