AND2013: So Far So Good

Fri 04 Oct 2013

A Few Photos from our Opening Night and the Ateliers, welcome to AND 2013. 

Last night we launched AND2013, which was celebrated with the opening of Mark Boulos’s Echo in FACT and the much anticipated arrival of Los Ferronautas SEFT-1 road/rail vehicle.

Michelle Ellsworth delivered our launch speech to a crowd supplied with beverages from the Liverpool Organic Brewery, and everyone headed down to The Cloud (pictured above) afterwards to be serenaded with droning rhythms. You can still catch our installations downstairs at FACT, Miscommunication Station and The Pirate Cinema, though Marshmallow Laser Feast’s New Cinema Lab was a one night only experience.

Two of our Ateliers got underway, with participants beginning to learn and experiment under the guidance of artists Jesse Darling and Julian Oliver – look out for the public showcases to come and keep up to date with all our screenings, events and parties by following the Twitter hashtag #AND2013


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