Border Bumping: Mobile Republic on your mobile phone

Mon 20 Aug 2012

As we traverse borders our cellular devices hop across neighbouring territories, before we ourselves have arrived. Rendering these disparities is an evolving record of antagonised territory, a tele-cartography.


Julian Oliver’s free ‘Border Bumping’ Android app, developed as part of Mobile Republic, is now available to download (install instructions at the end of this post).

The app has been created to allow you to feed data into Julian’s Border Bumping website and map (screenshot below), showcased recently to audiences in Whitehaven and Blackburn via a technologically enhanced caravan or ‘mobile cartography bureau’.

Nerve centre of the project, the Border Bumping bureau – one of five Mobile Republic caravans converted by artists – will park up next outside of Number One First Street, Manchester from 29 Aug – 02 Sep. Pop along to talk to Julian about the project and interact with the map via touchscreen.

In the meantime we encourage Android users to download the app and begin tackling the idea of telephonic, transnational transgression!

Downloading the app

Here’s the techie bit.

The app is available as an .apk source file here.

Installation is a little (but only a little) more complex than for an app downloaded through the Android marketplace: Google is your friend when it comes to finding the best way forward.

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