Live Blog #2: Air is Information

Fri 04 Oct 2013

AND in action

We’re blogging live from the AND Hub this evening, which is our pop up venue for screenings, talks and public showcases. Join us in person from 6pm or follow the conversation via CoverItLive (see below).

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Tonight: Air is Information

Speakers Adam Brown and Monika Bakke will be engaging in a dialogue surrounding the origins of life and scientific research, in addition to the outcomes of How to Make Art in a Toxic Environment.

“We consider our right to breathe as a basic human right, one identical with the right to live. Yet, our access to air is restricted, manipulated and politicised” – Monika Bakke

Adam Brown is an artist famed for his alchemical achievements; see The Great Work of the Metal Lover

Monika Bakke is a Philosopher, author of Air is Information and The Life of Air: Dwelling, Communicating, Manipulating.

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