Masters & Servers / Open Call for Work

Thu 09 Jul 2015

We’re excited to launch the new Open Call with our european Masters & Servers collaborators. We are seeking to commission a new project across the forms of interventions, data manipulation, representation, research or storytelling, with  the opportunity of  €5000 towards fees and production costs. Deadline Sunday 20 September 2015.

We are interested in work that can cast light over the dark life of data and other controversial, invisible aspects of networked societies. Welcoming proposals related to practical first-hand experiences in:
– the control of information by governments and private companies;
– the representation of the invisible, especially in relation to private and public power structures;
– the dark side of slick and apparently open social media;
– under-reported people’s habits in “the cloud”.

The call is open to artists, technologists, activists, inventors and individuals and collaborators that occupy the spaces in between. We are interested in different approaches, including performance, uncanny experiences, examples of direct resistance or playful experiments in the grey area where counter-power is face to face with power.

For more information and how to apply go here.


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