Tweet Discreetly

Mon 12 Sep 2011

On the morning of 30 Sep 2011 we’re inviting you to a screening with a difference.

Where custom dictates you switch your mobile phone off before the movie starts, on this occasion we’re inviting you to leave it powered on. Providing it’s to tweet along with the film, of course, and not blare out grime while sitting on the seats at the back.

With the help of a little programming (done chiefly in Ruby for any techheads out there) and a custom hashtag, your comments will be sent down the pipe from Twitter and projected below the cinema screen for all to see.

The film in question is John Carpenter’s 1988 sci-fi/horror They Live, an oft-quoted cult classic in which construction worker Nada (Roddy Piper) becomes aware that the world is being run by ‘formaldehyde face’ aliens.

We hope the screening is an opportunity to see the film through your fellow cinemagoers eyes, to debate its finer (or sillier) points, post your own subtitles or just wisecrack along with your favourite scenes. The hashtag will be shared on the day.

The film is one of our ‘breakfast screenings’, opening at 10am and including the UK premiere of Park Chan-Wook and Park Chan-Kyong’s short shot entirely on smartphone cameras, Night Fishing.


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