AND Festival Autumn Film Programme

Salacious demonstrations of exploitation, patriarchy and anarchism. Bustling in style and direction these deviant bodies make up the anti-plan, the call to arms! A siren song to independent spirits and outsiders we retreat inside and online for restless persuits of ideological and sexual dissidence.

Service \\ Dir. Brilliante Mendoza \\ Tagalog \\ 94 mins
The Pineda Family operate a run down sex cinema in the Philippines. Whilst they are distracted by their own crumbling personal lives, in the theatre the service boys are offering clients their own special kind of entertainment.

Pepperminta \\ Dir. Pipilotti Rist \\ Germany \\ 80 mins
Psychedelic, hallucinogenic and fearless, Pepperminta is the first fetaure film from acclaimed artist Pipilolli Rist. An anarchist of the imagination she lives in a futuristic rainbow according to her own rules.

I Killed my Mother \\ Dir. Xavier Dolan\\ France \\ 96 mins
Xavier Dolan is a writer, director and star. At 21 he is erratic, restless and freshly cut – this sensitive semi-autobiographical tale documents the fractious relationship between a mother and son as he comes to terms with his sexual identity.

Life 2.0 \\ Dir. Jason Spingard Koff \\US \\ 100 min
Whether you are a fan of Second Life or not, this new documentary looks at the dark abandonment of real life, for a virtual world where relationships are formed, new economies exist and alternative lives are formed.

Protect Me From What I Want \\ Various Directors
(Short Film Programme)

Welcome to post punk theatre. Children of the dance floor unite. Paris is Burning. From erotic rituals to the construction of a queer utopia, this musically infused video journey explored the queering of modern identity.

Caterpillar \\ Dir. Koji Wakamatsu \\ Japanese \\ 85 mins
Adapted from Edogawa Rampo’s 1929 short story about a quadriplegic survivor’s return home from the Sino-Japanese war, in 1940. This is a disturbing metaphor of patriotic complacency from one of Japan’s most prolific and cult directors.

CREAM Competition Programme
Continuing an international collaboration with CREAM (International Festival for Arts and Media Yokohhama 2009) AND showcased the prize winning works from 992 submissions from 42 countries.

AND Shorts
The AND shorts included dramas, animations, and artists using unconventional techniques, where filmakers presented playful and contemplative visions of the world.

News From Ideological Antiquity: Marx Eisenstein – Das Kapital \\ Dir. Alexander Kluge \\ German \\ 570 mins
In 1929, the legendary Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein planned to create a film adaptation of Das Kapital, whic never came to fruition. Several decades on and inspired by his notes, Alexander Kluge looks at the process of filming an unfilmable work, as he puts Marx’s ideas under the microscope.

UnRavel – The Longest Hand Painted Film in Britain
A group of film abd video makers take on the challenge of painting the longest hand-painted film in Britain. Delivering workshops accross the UK, the project amasses to 1 frame of 16mm film for every 1m of the 874 miles between the north and the south of Britain by road.

Other Forms of Life
Artists Bik Van der Pol collaborated with Islington Mill on developing a road movie as a model to investigate autonomy. A motorhome functioned as works[ace for the participants/researchers.

For AND Fetsival 2010, TAPE worked with Chester residents to create Me & Mine, a short documentary that explores the collective identity of Chester’s community.

Narrative was produced by Chester Performs and part of Woven Cultures.

Event info:

  • Sat 2nd — Thu 7th Oct 2010

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