AND Festival: Residencies (2011)

Residencies have been key to AND since it was founded in 2009, providing artists with the opportunity to collaborate with the likes of Forestry Commission, British Waterways and DaDa (Disability and Deaf Arts). The residency programme created time and space to interrogate the model of a contemporary arts residency through examining the role of both artist and resident.

Be it electronic voyages of discovery or rewiring shamanism for the 21st century, the following events invited festival audiences to join 2011 resident artists as they broke new ground.

Open Boat
02 Oct 2011, Albert Dock
During August and September 2011 Kathy Hinde and Matthew Olden climbed aboard their floating research vehicle (read: canal boat) and headed off on a tour of the North West. The artists fed data about their journey into a praxinoscope and a digital music sequencer, an audiovisual machine that sparked to life as the boat began to move. Their sonic and cinematic experiment concluded with an afternoon of performances.

Technoshamanism Forest
24 Sep 2011, Egremont
During their residency Brazilian artists Ali Khodr, Fabi Borges and Camila Mello explored technoshamanism, the act of contacting the spirit world updated for the information age. They ventured forth from their camp in the Wild Ennerdale Valley to bring this futuristic slant on mysticism to the Egremont Crab and Sports Fair.

Ailis Ni Riain
In September 2011 Ailís Ní Ríain initiated her one year online residency, working with a technologist to crowdsource a composition made up of individual pulses resulting in The Hearing Test. A composer with a hearing impairment, Ailís used the residency to investigate how sensory impairments and disability affect identity. (Featured image is a screenshot from The Hearing Test)

Talk: How to be a Resident
30 Sep 2011, Bluecoat
Resident artists Ali Khodr, Fabi Borges, Camila Mello, Kathy Hinde, Matthew Olden and Ailís Ní Ríain joined our partner organisations to debate the opportunities and challenges our residencies create. Hosted by Bronac Ferran.