Becoming a Plant: Resurrection Project / Kathy High

18 September – 06 December 2015

After purchasing a plot at a green burial site, Kathy High has designed a garden that will be planted above her body. Her body will literally become these plants’ bodies and become a plant.

The plants are chosen based on their common names – and the poetry (or irony) of those names. These plants will make up her ‘headstone’ and grave marker – a plant poem representing different aspects of her life – from the coy to the innocent, the intuitive to the jaded. She will continue to include other indigenous plants to flesh out other aspects of her personality, researching the plants’ various properties.

To date, she has been experimenting with plantings to test this garden, which is what we see in her photographs. To promote growth and honor the dead with burial, she has placed animal carcasses that her cats have hunted under the flora. This is death, and decomposition at work: organisms devouring each other in a constant process of symbiosis – things eating things, exchanging, becoming.

This is a process of naturally buried human bodies becoming a plant – with no regrets.

Exhibited as part of the group show Seeing The Forest Through The Trees at AND Festival 2015.

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