BotWiki / Monthly Bot Challenge

As part of The Art of Bots, we teamed up with BotWiki for the March Monthly Bot Challenge.

Developed by BotWiki, The Monthly Bot Challenge started as a community event with a simple concept: on the first day of each month, a new challenge topic – and prize – is announced online. Anyone can submit a response to the challenge, by developing a bot based on that topic before the end of that particular month. There is then a week for voting and the creator of the bot with the most votes is the winner. The project is geared towards beginner bot makers – making simple bots (such as Twitter bots) is a great and creative way to get into programming.

As part of The Art of Bots AND worked with BotWiki to set the theme for March, which was MOVIES/TV-SHOWS. We invited anyone to create bots inspired by a movie icon, TV show character, or maybe a series of bots that recreate scenes from a popular sitcom.

Event info:

  • Fri 15th — Sat 16th Apr 2016

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