Canal Residency (2014)

TRES Art Collective is Ilana Boltvinik, Rodrigo Viñas and Mariana Mañón. Since forming as a collective in 2009, they have achieved notoriety for drinking human urine, analysing thousands of anonymous fingerprints and photographing trash; all of which grew from their interest in garbage as physical and conceptual residue, entailing political and material implications.

In October 2014 AND set TRES loose upon the waterways and canals of Northern England, where they will be free to research waste as an archaeological subject. They considered how what we discard can be used to tell fresh stories, and produce a new work which could evolve in any direction – across ecology, science, installation and performance. The result was Rough Fish, as pervasive mobile game played out along the cansls in ROchdale and Manchester in April 2015.

Their previous works have been shown as a group in Metropolis Biennale 2009 (Denmark), the public art section of the 25th Festival of Mexico City FMCH (Mexico City), in the Amsterdam Global City #2: Mexico, WCA World Cinema (Netherlands), ViBGYOR International Film Festival (India). Individually their works have been shown in over 20 screenings and art exhibitions in Latin America and Europe.

Funded by Arts Council England and developed in partnership with Canal & Rivers Trust, Manchester & Pennine Partnership.

Event info:

  • Sun 5th — Fri 31st Oct 2014

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