Darius Kazemi / Glitch Logos

As part of The Art of Bots showcase, Darius Kazemi presented, Glitch Logos.

Project Info:

Glitch Logos is a bot project inspired by the corporate logos from sport, finance, food and commerce, that surrounds us on billboards, in adverts and on social media.  Inspired Allison Parrish’s Smiling Face Withface project (also part of the showcase), which glitches vector graphic emoji, Darius has created a bot that redraws the vector graphics of corporate logos, and posts the resulting images to twitter.  For the Art of Bots Darius will create a new series of Glitch Logos, focussed on organisations and companies found in the UK.  @glitchlogos

Artist Bio:

Darius Kazemi is an internet artist under the moniker Tiny Subversions. He has a small army of Twitter and Tumblr bots that he builds because they make him laugh, including Two Headlines (which combines disparate news headlines) and Sorting Bot (which sorts Twitter users into Hogwarts houses). His best known work is the Random Shopper (a bot to buy him random stuff from Amazon each month). He founded NaNoGenMo, where participants spend a month writing algorithms to generate 50,000 word novels, and Bot Summit, a yearly gathering of people who make art bots. He is the cofounder of Feel Train, a creative technology cooperative.