DeepTime Decryption / Sam Lavigne

Encryption is the process of making something hidden or obscure. It is the process of entombing, of putting out-of-sight, of passing an experience or an idea from utterable and conscious to garbled and subconscious. In this sense, encryption serves as a useful metaphor to describe the production of ideology: the entombment of thought is belief.

Lavigne’s work often uses the tools of natural language processing to ask us to rethink our personal and societal relations with automation, surveillance, and police control. In this piece artist Sam Lavigne takes a video produced by U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and slowly renders it unintelligible. The original video is a guide to the US naturalisation process, offering viewers a series of practice questions for the citizenship test. Lavigne begins by isolating phonemes (or word sounds) in the video, and then slowly sorting and interchanging them until the original becomes multi-voiced, garbled and obscure.

Booking: This is part of Digital Dark Ages which is a ticketed event that can be booked in advance. You can book this as an individual ticket, or to experience as much of the festival as possible, you can book this event as part of a Festival Pass.

Parking: The car park is a graveled area parallel with the road and is free to cavern visitors. In addition, parking on the road is in marked parking bays only, which at the current time is free. There is reserved parking for disabled visitors.

Please note Digital Dark Ages can only be experienced through a cave tour and is not wheelchair accessible. For more information access across the festival weekend, please visit the Festival Access page.


Event info:

  • Fri 22nd — Sun 24th Sep 2017
    @Fri 1pm-5pm, Sat & Sun 10am-5pm
  • Treak Cliff

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