Home / Geraldine Pilgrim (2015)

Artist Geraldine Pilgrim developed  a weekend workshop that looked at the meaning of  ‘home’ and how our personal relationship to this word affects artists and their practice.

How do we inhabit space/spaces and what are the traces that we leave there? Why do we feel at home in some places and not in others? Is home a concrete place or an emotional response? How are we affected if we have lost our home or never had one. Home was a chance to question whether ‘home”’ is a place, atmosphere, or person. AND collaborated with Geraldine Pilgrim on developing this workshop ran by artists for artists.

As part of a developmental exercise looking at the concept of ‘home’, six participants were given the opportunity to each spend £100 in order to explore the meaning of ‘home’ and then use this experience and knowledge to create a performance/installation which they shared over the intensive weekend during the festival.

Home was a closed workshop for artists as part of a collaboration with the Live Art Development Agency as part of their annual DIY workshop programme.

Artist Bio:
Geraldine Pilgrim works across theatre and the visual arts and is known for her evocative installations and site-specific performances which create a contemporary dialogue with occupied and deserted historic houses and buildings. Working with the history – imagined and real – of a space, she specialises in creating installations and performances in unusual buildings and landscapes. She responds to the architecture of the site for inspiration and narrative to reveal the memories and atmospheres that have built up over the years.

Geraldine trained as a fine artist and theatre designer. She co-founded and became artistic director of Hesitate and Demonstrate Geraldine is an Artsadmin artist, an associate lecturer at Wimbledon College of Art, Visiting Lecturer at Goldsmith’s College and Central St. Martins.


Event info:

  • Sat 19th — Sun 20th Sep 2015

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