DIY (Drone it Yourself) / Jasper Van Loenen & OFFCUT Liverpool

The DIY (Drone it Yourself) v1.0 kit offers you the opportunity to turn any object into a drone, simply by attaching four motors and a control unit – no technical know how needed. The kit consists of multiple parts that are easy to assemble and can be attached to a wide range of different objects.

For more advanced uses, you can take the original designs and alter the kit by making your own custom clamps or add-ons as needed.

Artist Ross Dalziel and his laser fabrication studio OFFCUT Liverpool built an RC modded version of Drone It Yourself with some help from local Drone guru And Goodwin and the 3D Printing facilities at DoES Liverpool.

DIY (Drone It Yourself) v1.0 from Jasper van Loenen on Vimeo.

Event info:

  • Sat 5th — Sat 5th Oct 2013
    @Public Spaces / 11:00 – 18:00
  • FACT
  • Free, drop by

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