Domestic Bliss: Tea, Wine and Cyanotypes / Colin Reynolds

Two-day workshop, May 2016

A two-day workshop creating cyanotypes from your own images and household items.

Colin Reynolds is a landscape photographer based in Kendal who likes to take the lesser-trekked fells and coastlines to document Cumbria. He has a studio on Kendal’s high street where his work can be seen and bought.  He also tutors and teaches in digital photography and film/alternative photography techniques.


Workshop Info:

Have you ever felt the urge to create art in your kitchen? In this domestic artist’s workshop participants learnt how to create cyanotypes at home and modify them with ‘filters’ created from household items, such as washing-up liquid, olive oil and salt.

Cyanotypes, also known as blueprints, were some of the earliest forms of photography and they can be produced easily at home without the need for specialist photographic equipment. They are characterised by their blue tone.

Colin led participants through the entire process – from coating the paper, designing and exposing the print in sunlight, developing the image in lemon water, and finishing with toning and altering the images with tea and coffee – as a kind of ‘kitchen graphic app’.

‘Domestic Bliss: Tea, Wine and Cyanotypes’ was part of Workshops in People’s Homes.

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