Emma Winston / Graphic Score Bot

As part of The Art of Bots showcase, Emma Winston presented the Graphic Score Bot.

Project Intro:

Graphic Score Bot, originally a Twitter bot posting hourly images, and adapted for live use specifically for this event, generates graphic musical scores in the style of modernist composers Xenakis or Stockhausen, which are interpreted live by a human performer using a variety of noise-making instruments, devices, and props. During The Art of Bots, the performer will, at times, be accompanied by a second layer of automation in the form of drones or beats provided by generative music software Noatikl. No two performances featuring the bot will ever be entirely alike, and the style and sound of the live pieces is informed as much by the given performer’s taste, abilities, and available equipment as by the bot’s on-screen scores. The resultant musical works represent a true joint effort between human and machine.

You can access the version of Graphic Score Bot which was used during the live performance online here

Artist Bio:

Emma Winston is a PhD student, musician and artist based in London, UK. She makes synthpop (as Deerful), sound art, and Twitter bots (of which the best-known is The Tiny Gallery), and Graphic Score Bot is her attempt to create a synthesis between them. She is particularly interested in how automation and limitation can be used as inspirational tools, and in rediscovering playfulness in creativity. When not making things herself, she researches identity, community and creativity amongst ukulele groups at Goldsmiths, University of London.