Empire’s Borders II – Western Enterprises Inc / Chen Chieh-jen (2010)

Internationally acclaimed Taiwanese video artist Chen Chieh-jen sees his work as ‘an act of connection, linking together the history of people who have been excluded from the dominant discourse.’ Almost all of Chen’s recent films have dealt with the impact of global capitalism on individuals, through various systems of exchange. In collaboration with the Chinese Arts Centre, AND proudly presented the UK premiere of Empire’s Borders II – Western Enterprises Inc. This video installation, based a number of documents the artist’s late father left behind, painted an intriguing picture of a life lived in Cold War secrecy. It presented a compelling account of his father’s journey and the legacy of the Cold War on the contemporary politics of global trade and neo-liberal economics.

Screening / Bade Area + Q&A

Chen Chieh-jen discussed Bade and his most recent work Empire’s Borders II, Chen Chieh-jen in conversation with the curator Dr. Marko Daniel.

The exhibition is produced by Chinese Arts Centre as part of the AND festival. Supported by the Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan. Curated by Dr. Marko Daniel with Yu-ling Chou as assistant curator.

Event info:

  • Fri 1st Oct — Sat 20th Nov 2010

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