Empire Drive-In presents: Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then

Part of Empire Drive-In

Dir. Brent Green / US 2010 / 71 mins / In English / Cert TBA / With Live Soundtrack

“I built a whole town in my backyard – five houses, a handmade working piano, a huge glowing moon, and a giant, wooden, fully functioning God.” Brent Green

Leonard and Mary meet in a car crash. They fall instantly in love, and live happily ever after…until Mary gets sick. Desperate to save her, Leonard decides that if he builds a house for Mary, it will heal her.

Inspired by the real actions of the eccentric Leonard Wood, filmmaker Brent Green bought to life this love story like no other in his first feature-length film. Shot entirely on the full-scale town he built in his backyard, Green combines animation, stop-motion and live-action in an ethereal opus to lovers and tinkerers everywhere.

One Week, directed by Buster Keaton and with a live soundtrack by Plaster of Paris, preceded this film.

The soundtrack, sound FX and narration for the main feature was provided live by the Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then Ensemble featuring Brent Green, Empire Drive-In co-creator Todd Chandler and many others.

Event info:

  • Thu 30th — Thu 30th Aug 2012

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