Grazing Jellies / Hudson-Powell (2010)

During the AND Festival in Grizedale Forest in 2010, interaction design collective duo Hudson-Powell spent time on site experimenting with with technologies such as video-tracking and augmented 3D graphics.

The result of their experimentation was Grazing Jellies. The project created a view into the forest where cosmic slugs munched on melon slices. These hungry hallucinations weren’t just starving but inquisitive – if there was movement in the trees or some chatter on the ground they would respond to it.

Grazing Jellies was an installation piece which allowed any real world environment to be augmented with graphic forms and be inhabited by virtual creatures. The system uses a display and camera setup to create a window for the viewer to observe the mixed scene.

Grazing Jellies

Event info:

  • Sat 3rd Apr 2010

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