How to Disappear Completely / Dir Raya Martin

How to Disappear Completely / Dir Raya Martin (79mins) / Philippines /  / 2013

Raya Martin, figures large in new Filipino cinema, famous for hallucinatory trips that push the boundaries of film language.

How to Disappear Completely is carried by an incredible electronic soundscape, his newest and most narratively coherent film borrows experimentally from the horror genre, following a teenage girl who puts on a stage play based on an old Filipino film about a family who disappears in the mountains during the war. Soon after the performance, she vanishes. Her parents go to look for her in the woods. One by one, they all start to disappear.

Created by the award-winning experimental filmmaker Raya Martin, HOW TO DISAPPEAR is a sensual, mysterious and droning thriller that defies delineation of any kind.

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