The Humble Market / Zecora Ura and artists (2012)

The Humble Market was a fusion of theatre and media art from the Brazil-UK theatre network Zecora Ura and new media artists Alastair Eilbeck and James Bailey. Zecora Ura is famous for its award winning six hour production Hotel Medea.

Inspired by the rise of Brazil as an economic power, The Humble Market toyed with the follies of mass consumerism, and used the marketplace as a metaphor to ask what do we really trade, What should be traded, and what cannot be bought.

The experience began in Liverpool with a choreographed journey through the ‘marketplace’ of Galleries 1 & 2 at FACT. It culminated with a promenading theatre production that featured a live link-up between Belo Horizonte in Brazil and Preston, one of the oldest market towns in the North of England. As people are connected across two different cultures and one vast body of water, we were invited to ponder the question of how Brazilian we will be by 2020.

With artists Jorge Lopes Ramos, Alastair Eilbeck, James Bailey and Persis-Jade Maravala.

Event info:

  • Fri 22nd Jun — Wed 29th Aug 2012
  • FACT