Jeff Thompson / Bot Art School

As part of The Art of Bots showcase, Jeff Thompson presented the Bot Art School.

Project Intro:

Bot Art School gave participants algorithmically-generated drawing assignments, which could be completed during the showcase on specially made worksheets. Once an assignment is complete, the drawings were scanned and posted onto Twitter, where crowd-sourced grades will be given. A small exhibition of the finished drawings was on display during the showcase, showing how well participants fare with prompts such as “construct a drawing about accidents” and “make a drawing exploring peaches”. The project has a live version of the artists Twitter Art Assignment Bot. @artassignbot

Artist Bio:

Jeff Thompson is an artist, programmer, hacker, and educator based in the NYC area. He is Assistant Professor and Program Director of Visual Arts & Technology at Stevens Institute of Technology, and is co-founder of the experimental curatorial project Drift Station.