Katie Rose Pipkin / Mirror Lake & bodies.html (2015)

As part of The Art of Bots showcase, Katie Rose Pipkin presented two projects, Mirror Lake and bodies.html // ‘perfectly emulated human #1’.

Project Intro:

Mirror lake is a procedural landscape generator. Landscapes are drawn stroke-by-stroke, in the same way that a person may draw a picture. Each component structure of the landscape places pixels according to their own rules; the trees grow, the lakes expand, the stars align. One may generate a new landscape on command, or simply wait for the program to begin again. You can also print a tiny landscape to take away with you.

bodies.html is a work for browser console, a usually invisible error log used most commonly by developers when building websites. This invisible space is populated by messages of bodily processes (heart beat, sweat, produce adrenaline, etc), which are the textual output of a series of programmatical loops.

By pushing the button you can choose to end the emulation, killing the processes and altering the output before its eventual crash; however, another variation of a body will begin soon after.

Artist Bio:

Katie Rose Pipkin makes drawings on paper, in language, and collaboratively with machines.  Here is a series of symbols that looks like a field of flowers. ↾⌠❦ᵳ≀〴❧❀१✾឴〳ノ〳❊⎝.