Miscommunication Station / Telekommunisten (2013)

Miscommunication Station is a video platform with universal language translation which allows users to communicate with others across space, and also cultures. People are able to communicate with everyone in the world in their native language. Occasionally the communication is prone to errors in automated translation, a somewhat overzealous automated content filtering, in-chat advertising (required to recoup investment funding), as well as processing delays. The project is part of the Miscommunication Series and developed using the business principles of “venture communism”.

NEW! Real time internationalization of voice for globalized society and business! With the new revolutionary “MiscommVoice” functionality, users need only speak into the microphone to have their voices automatically translated into the language of their counterpart! Miscommunicate with someone today!

Developed by media hacktavist / venture communist collective Telekommunisten, the app presents itself as being a revolutionary new technology that bridges not only space but also culture.

Miscommunication Station is commissioned by AND and Arnolfini and supported by FACT and iMAL

Miscommunication Station at AND 2013