Q.E.D \ Various Artists (2011)

Including art by robots for robots, visions of outer space and diagrams for mechanical copulation, Q.E.D. was an exhibition with something of a scientific twist. Featuring a diverse group of international artists, the exhibition exposes artistic and scientific processes to examine the unquestioning faith we place in documentation. The result is a challenge to the assumption that you can know something by simply looking at model or representation of it.

This exhibition included work by:

Michel de Broin, Ben Brown, Geoff Gordon, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Sue Ann Hong, Laura Kikuaka, Ulrike Kubatta, Marek Michalowski, Trent Noble, Sascha Pohflepp, Piritta Puhto, Scott Rodgers, Paul Serri, Axel Straschnoy, Iheanyl Umez-Eronini, Norman White, Joe Winter and Garth Zeglin.

Curated by Sarah Cook and Jean Gangnon. Image: Supertask, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg