Salons (2012)

#1 The Art of Success

We often have romanticised preconceptions of artists as impoverished yet passionate creators, but how does this work under the monetary and social influence of collectors, commercial galleries and institutions?

Questioning the hierarchies of success within the cultural world, this salon aimed to uncover the degrees of artistic achievement through conversations with both creators and cultural brokers. Speakers were Jennifer Chan, Zach Blas (Queer Technologies), Jeff Stark and Brett James.

#2 The Beautiful and the Damned

“A good face is a letter of recommendation,” English novelist Henry Fielding wrote, before going on to curse the false recommendations of nature.

This salon asked to what extent “erotic capital” – beauty, good dress sense, physical fitness and sex appeal – still opens doors to people that are locked to others. Should the beautiful be damned? Or should we celebrate the doctrine of “shake what your momma gave ya”?

Speakers were artist, performer, director and writer Scottee (star of Follow), academic and author of Honey Money: The Power of Erotic Capital Catherine Hakim, writer, journalist and co-founder of The Philosophers’ Magazine and microphilosophy blog, Julian Baggini.

This event was chaired by artist, philosopher and CEO of CAV network, Ali Hossaini.

#3 Too Big Too Fail

By the very essence of its competitive nature, the Olympics brings with it a host of failure and success for the athletes and countries taking part. In the wake of the London Olympics this debate looked at what the world’s biggest sporting event means for a host country.

Speakers were James Kennell, Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Regeneration at the University of Greenwich and the Director of the Economic Development Resource Centre, Jennifer Jones, research associate at the University of the West of Scotland and coordinator of #citizenrelay,  and John Gold,  professor of urban historical geography at Oxford Brookes University, and co editor of The Making of Olympic Cities.

Speaker Jennifer Jones’ uploaded an excellent recording of her contribution to Soundcloud:

This salon was produced in association with #media2012.