Stepping Into The Light / Jeremy Finch (2012)

Jeremy has long been a musical star touring the country in lead roles and doing a full year in the West End in The Producers, including the principle role of Leo Bloom. This seminar told the story of how he found his light – both metaphorically and literally – in the strange new world of the English National Opera. Recruited as understudy for tenor Toby Spence, he was told he would never have to actually go on. Extraordinary circumstances meant that he did.

This inspiring seminar allowed the audience to join Jeremy on his exciting ride, the day he became an opera singer, and gave them the impetus to take opportunities that scare them and find greatness in uncertainty that they could never find in experience. The audience participated through singing – and those who thought ‘I can’t sing’ found that they could – using Jeremy’s daring principles for stepping into the unknown and finding their light.

Event info:

  • Sat 1st — Sat 1st Sep 2012