Thricedotted / The Seeker & Stream of Context

As part of The Art of Bots showcase, Thricedotted presented, The Seeker and Stream of Context.

Project Intro:

The Seeker is an automatically generated novel created for #NaNoGenMo (National Novel Generation Month) 2014. It is based on a corpus of how-to articles, dream descriptions, and text from fiction. The Seeker is at once an algorithm, an agent, a protagonist, and a narrator. It is an entity that parses, deconstructs, and reconstructs text; the output of the algorithm are its “logs” of these processes. A sample excerpt from The Seeker’s 413-page output will be on display at The Art of Bots.

Stream of Context is an interactive poetry generator which invites users to guide the flow of the poem by choosing words (from the existing output) to base the next few lines on. The generator constructs new lines of poetry by stitching together common linguistic contexts where the chosen content word occurs; finding, for instance, actions related to a chosen noun, or objects that interact with a chosen verb. The end result is one in which human and computer collaborate on a stream-of-consciousness movement from concept to concept, with the human choosing the direction and the computer choosing the association.

Artist Bio:

Thricedotted is a language hacker and bot maker based in Seattle, USA.