TLRN / Patrick Fenner

“TLRN” is a three wire suspended robot, intended to be used as a 3D building platform, which is so lightweight that it can be strung out over a very large area (such as a large room or warehouse) to act as a giant pick & place machine or camera rig.

TLRN recently ran for two days straight at the Mini Maker Faire in Manchester, it is very stable and safe to use around people, so will be running continuously throughout the AND Fair – interacting with the public and building cardboard boxes into pre-determined structures.

Patrick Fenner is a freelance design engineer, working to turn ideas into real items. He is currently the Technician in Residence at DoES Liverpool, helping new users become familiar with laser cutting and teaching Arduino and programming.

Event info:

  • Sat 5th — Sat 5th Oct 2013
    @Public Spaces / 11:00 – 18:00
  • FACT
  • Free, drop by

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