UGI – Universal Health (2010)

“Our capabilities are unlimited, we are good, we, you and your health are one with the universe.” – UGI

Commissioned in 2010, the UGI online platform proposed Health 2.0 – Healthcare via the Internet.

The platform targeted the pharmaceutical industry, the Western health ideal and the role in this of (the now defunct) Google Health, medicine spam and email doctors.

UGI is no longer active but readers could take a test, watch videos, read testimonials and self-diagnose illnesses such as Narcissistic Facebook Personality Disorder, Massive Multitasking Fibrilation or Repetitive Remote Disorder.

The site was written in the voice of two ‘unreliable narrators’, Fatimah Qandeil and her husband Moussa, who had been suffering from health problems for many years before they developed their revolutionary HealNow(TM) health plan and attracted millions of followers.

UGI Universal Health Presentational Video from UBERMORGEN on Vimeo.