We Dwell Below \ Ooni (2017)

We Dwell Below invited you to traverse the underground in this playful multi-user virtual reality (VR) installation. Transforming the everyday into the extraordinary, Ooni Studio invited you to eat your way through the underground with ‘uncivilised’ fellow dwellers in a comical one-off experience. Audiences became a virtual cave-dweller, sitting round a campfire and explored alternative habitats as they excavated the different layers of strata. 

Laura Juo-Hsin Chen has called herself the Michel Gondry of VR, in We Dwell Below, Ooni present a collaborative experience, allowing visitors to adorn themselves with custom costumes in a rendered geological landscape.

For an ongoing update on the project follow the We Dwell Below Tumblr. 

Ooni Studio. Concept and direction by Laura Juo-Hsin Chen

Event info:

  • Thu 21st — Sun 24th Sep 2017

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